V. Cloud Painting and Contracting Corp.

A) Estimating

Preliminary Budget Report: based on program and concept documents
Update the Budget Report at Schematic Design and Design Development documents milestones.
Make recommendations to effect budgetary and/or schedule savings.
Refine Budget Report during the Construction document phase.
Final project Budget Report as the basis for the GMP contract.

B) Schedule

Prepare preliminary project schedule
Update schedule as Design progresses inclusive of the following:
Proposed activity sequence
Submittal of GMP proposal
Preparation and processing of shop drawings and samples
Delivery date of long lead items
Schedule of occupancy priorities
Proposed date of substantial completion

C) Scope

As Construction Manager, we shall advise regarding:
Confirmation of site use
Selection of material
Selection of building systems
Recommendations on Construction feasibility

D) Coordination

Attend regularly scheduled Design meeting with Owner, architect and consultants

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